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Our Remodeling Process

Wyeth Woodworking and Remodeling is known for efficiency, quality and results. That is the reason Wyeth takes every project seriously. There is no haste in planning or producing exactly what you want. We take you from consultation to evaluation with your needs in mind.

Free Consultation

Our insured, certified and trained remodeling and renovation experts meet with you in the beginning to establish your hopes and dreams for your space. If you’ve already done your research and you have a look and feel that you want, or you are just beginning, our consultants will work with you. Our initial consultation is free of charge, and we will meet with you in your space and work with your budget.

Proposal and Design

Following a free consultation, Maxwell Wyeth and contractors will put together an easy-to-read proposal based on the outcome of consultation discussions. There will be no surprises. We will sit down with you and review all proposal documents in order to ensure a seamless project.  If you are unsatisfied with any part of the proposal, we will work with you to make the necessary changes that will make you happy. After confirming and approving the work proposal, Wyeth designers will begin the exciting process of designing your dreams.

Certified designers take into account your tastes. Tell us exactly what you see happening with and in your space. We’ll give you our expert advice and show you how it will work. We use software that will give you a virtual tour of your renovated space.  While using this software, designers can price out some of the materials you wish you to use—like all wood, laminate or vinyl—and actually place them in your virtual room. The Wyeth advantage is that you get to see your space before you are even in it. It’s an exciting process!

Ordering Materials

When your design is complete and you are satisfied with your design proposal, Wyeth contractors begin the material ordering process. Our order will not be complete until you’ve approved each and every material and color. If your cabinets are linen and not eggshell white, that will be confirmed prior to ordering. You will not pay for our mistake.  If any materials come in defective or broken, you will not pay for replacement. Take care in knowing that Wyeth will take care of you. We will order supplies and deal with the suppliers directly, so it’s one less thing that you have to worry about during your already hectic day. 

Scheduling and Walkthrough

Wyeth Woodworking and Remodeling contractors will accompany you on a walk through of your space, identifying each part of the remodeling process so that you will know the schedule. If you have issue with any part of the renovation schedule, this is the point in time you can let your contractor know, so that construction doesn’t interrupt your life in an unwanted way. The construction schedule will meet your budget and time constraints, so it is important to discuss this with your contractor during your walk through.


This is the phase that most people think about and remember—the transformation of your room or space. Construction commences once materials arrive. You will meet each member of the renovation crew that will be in and out of your home on a daily basis. If crew members change, you will be the first to know and will be able to meet them. If construction interrupts you living space, we suggest that you make arrangements prior to construction to accommodate your living needs.

If Wyeth is working in your kitchen, we will not harm or disrupt your dining room, bathroom or bedrooms. We take care of your other spaces while working on your new ones.  Rooms may be blocked off by protective plastic so that dust particles and paint fumes do not infiltrate unwanted areas.

As construction nears completion, Wyeth will walk through the freshly renovated areas with you to show you the changes and get your opinion on them. If you have any touch-up suggestions or concerns, share them with us during this phase. Be completely honest, as we want the final result to be completely satisfactory.


Once construction is complete, we encourage you to evaluate the process. Was the final result exactly what you wanted? Was there a part of the construction that could have gone smoother? Were our contractors and subcontractors honest, respectful and punctual? Did we meet your scheduling as determined in the initial walk through and scheduling phase? Are you satisfied with your new space? Would you recommend Wyeth Woodworking and Remodeling to your friends and peers?

Wyeth Woodworking and Remodeling works with you and for you. Let us take you through this easy process so that you end up with the space of your dreams. 


We offer a one year warranty on our labor, materials and subcontractors.  We will contact you during the course of the warranty year and schedule a final warranty walk through.  We offer a two year warranty on all of our roofing projects.


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